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pondělí 29. října 2012

Ahoj friends! Welcome to my EVS world! 

In fact my EVS started 2 month ago. But actually it began  a few years ago when I realized that YMCA Europe is a place I would like to contribute in. And it’s not an „American dream“ – it is my reality. Currently I volunteer for YMCA Europe Festival - the event delighted me 4 years ago - with inspiring people!

So...I believe that everything that happens to us has particular reasons we may not know sometimes and causes those magic things which will happen in future. You never know because it is unpredictable journey. That is how I take it. 

On the way to Prague I had a keen conversation with an Italian inventor of a smart water machine. Did you know that it takes appr. 4 litres of water to make 1 plastic bottle? I didn’t. Steffano’s automatic slot shows how much nutriens natural water has. The slot sells natural water and also glass bottles for those who have no one. So if one day somewhere between Verona and Milan the water machine appeared you will know that it’s created by talented architector and inventor Steffano.

On the railway station Alžbéta, our EVS bosska or maminka („mama“), met me and put under „the wing“. Actually I feel like under Alžbéta’s wing all the time. You know when you feel absolutely independent and saved at the same time. That means to be under Alžbéta‘s wing.

Second day I was happy to take part in a tour across Jozevof, or Jewish town, with a group from Israel. That was new experience for me. I have never been to a synagogue and thought how different it is and why. The place which impressed me most is a Pinkas synagogue. On the walls there are 80,000 names of Czech Jewish people who died in the war time. Also there is an exhibition of children paintings made in Terezin, concentration camp during World war 2. This pictures as alive monologues about what the children were thinking and dreaming about...
You can read more about the camp here: http://www.pamatnik-terezin.cz/cz and Jewish town here: http://www.jewishmuseum.cz

Next chapter is gonna be about Czech food, characters and traditions of Czech people. It will appear here very soon. 

With love, 

Anastasiya Velianets

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