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středa 21. listopadu 2012


Being honest, I was going to make the story structured and sequential... But it's so helpful sometimes to go far from structuring, planning, being logical... Here the etudes of wonderful, strange and/or touching episodes happened to me here in Prague so far. Hopefully you will enjoy the reading as me enjoyed these moments : ) 

The first impression about Prague citizens „rules“ it was that people don‘t really care where they cross roads. I came from Belarus where we got used to cross the roads following only green lights in defined places. Despite my habits in 3 days being in Prague I saw the benefit of crossing roads wherever and now I break the rules as well : ) 

I still remember the funny story happened to me in the very first evening in Prague. I came to a store (obchod) and couldn’t go out because the automatic doors didn’t identify me...Smiling security man said „Taková malá paní“, - then he raised his hand up and the doors got opened...Now every time going out of this shop I shake my hands above the head to let the smart doors to see me : ). By the way CR people take fourth place in a list of the tallest nationalities in Europe!

I’m also impressed how much respectful Prague people are toward elderlies. If an old man come in a tram/metro passangers sitting nearby an entrance at the moment will stand up and give the place. And elderlies take this as it supposed to be! In Belarus we have lots of grannies who can even kick you with a stick because giving her a sit you treated her as a granny J. Second thing which is seemed to be unusual for me is saying „Dobrý den“ („Hello“) and “Nashledanou” (“See you”) to everyone in a public elevator even in offices buildings! So lovely!

Once I went to a theater - Archa. Dancing performance started  with a short introduction which put the beginning for invisible dialog between performers and audience. In first minutes of the action I’ve got the impression that the audience invited to the reheasals and somehow we look at them not obviously like artists-impressionists probably looked at their dancing models.

The first action - "420 people" http://www.archatheatre.cz/cs/predstaveni/420people-vaclav-kunes-wind-up-itzik-galili-the-2nd-monkey/?date=2012-11-04 - simulated the clock mechanism. When spring comes clock require repair. It’s so symbolically for Prague.  I caught myself thinking that it is so similar to the story of the astronomical clock in Old Town Square, which were bombed in the last days before the liberation during World War II. After being destroyed much time was needed to watchmakers to restore the centuries-old mechanism ...

Expression of body language made me feel waving inside. And after the intermission I kept not obviously looking at... conflict between a dancer and a director-choreographer. This issue could be especcially understood by those who at least once was behind the scenes. After the play, discussion with actors began. It turned mainly to a topic of relationship between  actors and directors... We all are actors and directors of our lives, so we can easily draw parallels.

At the end of the recital, the debates were continued in the theater cafe. I was wondering again how much people attract people, random meetings are not accidental. Then the evening turned to  "Kasino" festival, where the works of young creative people were represented, ordinary people with simple and creative ideas that dared to show their ideas to the world. Brutal  youth gathering, inspiration and ... the next magical day came:-)

I knew a little bit more about Czech history and modern Czech people lives when went to a cinema for a movie "7-dni-hrichu" ("7 days of sins") http://www.blueskyfilm.cz/film/7-dni-hrichu. Good one. It's interesting to deepen into the international conflicts from person's prospective. Some common motives with "Katyn", "Alpine ballad" and etc. Touching love during the war story... I was surprised that I was not only one lonely girl in the hall watching...there was one more : ) the rest seemed to be couples in love : ) 

Bare lights of night lamps are sparkling through thick fog which covered Prague. Someone is singing a lullaby for a yellow sickle of the moon. Like a swing it is vanishing and appearing again straight above the house across a street. Amazing evening. Amazing Prague. Amazing life. 

With love, Anastasiya 

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  1. Anastasiya !
    You are in Prague, my hometown, and you just exactly described what I missed a lot here in Netherlands. I feel, that will be a year without theatre, despite the fact, that Antwerpen is a center of contemporary dance. (But to get a return ticket is quite expensive.)