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pátek 22. února 2013

About briliant people I am fortunate to meet

Once (time flies away so fast that I would say „once upon a time...“ :)  I was offered to meet a girl  from Calgary YMCA (Canada) for showing a bit of YMCA here in Prague and also sightseeing. What do you think happened then? Brogan and me found out that we have a mutual friend!... You never know :) 

With Brogan McPherson
These etudes are devoted to briliant people I am fortunate to meet and also incredible moments happened to me here in Prague.

Once in Friday evening I was staying on a busstop waiting for a tram when a women asked me if I speak English. She was glad to hear ``yes`` and ask if I know where she needs to get off a tram 9 to reach the hotel she and her family stayed. She knew only the hotel name and a street where it's placed. I didn't know and switched on the tablet to find out it on a map. Google maps search don't really work off-line so I didn't even know where to look for...I asked people in my poor Czech but they didn't know as we'll. Finally one lady gave us the direction and the Irish family seeking the way to the hotel got saved...they thanked me and then the woman streched out the hand trying to put some cash into my hands...I said ``no,no money`` and they were gone to the opposite side of the road...I shouted ``Just wait for the #9!`` and heard someone's voice backward "Sorry. I heard you speak English. Could you please help me?'' I turned and saw a man keeping a map in his hand...to get his hostel he needed to get number 9 in the same direction with me. So were sitting in a tram, searching for the station he is to get off and talking about New York storm happend receintly, YMCA Festival gonna happened next year, places to go in prague and Czech food he is recommended to taste... :) that's how life is made with short ongoing stories and people who are in the way somewhere. Nice evening :)

Usually a child starts to speak when s/he is about 2, 5 y.e... I am really like a child here in Prague because after 2,5 months spent here and being silent I start to speak a little Czech. Recently I was proposed to help sometimes in kindergarten YMCA Skolka working with toddlers 2-4 y.o. They speak Czech better then me, but we still understand each other :) Kids are the best teachers and inspires. With them we became dreamy and pure again!

A few times I took part in therapy class for seniors leaded by Petr Veleta, gorgeous person and professional balley dancer and pedagogue. These classes opened another world for me, the pure and sincere as kids‘ world is. Each senior turnes to young and happy standing up and slipping elegantly on the floor in front of a group applauding. They dance despite dementia and 70-100 lived years. I am wondering how their life and their temper can be screened in each motion while they are dancing!

Hobby as something coming from inside can say a lot about who we are. Young people dancing with seniors can be only generous and kind. As Luciano. In fact Luciano introduced me to Petr Veleta and with them both I also deepened into life of modern National theatre in Prague, world of classic art here.  The theatre for me is a kind of harbour of relaxation. Especially I found myself delighted with music. I began to listen up to each sound of orchestra playing, trying to allocate sounds of seperate instruments. Sometimes I forget about what is happening on a stage watching into orchestra pit or closing eyes and enjoyng.

Dancing Ginger and Fred. Pic by sweet heart  Elly Walch 
One day I wrote: “Hot oatmeal cookies with milk were worth the efforts. Magic day. Today I found a friend. Her name is Lily. Lily is an English-speaking lady Pekinese originally from Czech. Lily has sweet caramel color and touching tenderness toward me :) Realizing that it was time to leave, Lily ran up to me, for a second reached out a tiny paw (literally!) and not waiting for a feedback ran out of the room... it was our second meeting. What will happen next? :) 

Betka, my Prague year Angel and boss too, encouraged me to join so called women „skupina“ in NGO for immigrants „Inbaze“. I met a wonderful Oksana there. A girl originally from the same Ukrainian area where my daddy from. I felt something very FAMILIar and native in a way how she speaks and found her extremly lovely to be a friend with! :)

There are people we meet and feel like we are familiar for years. I will not mention here every briliant person I am fortunate to know. But I just wanna say „THANK YOU“ and wish you all the best and warm! See you once again! :) 


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