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pátek 19. dubna 2013

Gentle touch to vintage of Alfons Mucha

The biggest collection of Mucha's posters in Obecny dům. http://www.lendl-mucha.com/. 

Actually I was expecting as bright colours as it's on the stained glass in St.Vitus Cathedral, or as vivid as on the pics in internet on Art Nouveau pages...But no, they are quiet pastel, calm and saturated as print of early 20th cent. allowed to be. 
Ladies from the placards magnetize with their glances. Each image is full of symbolism and vitality. I met dramatic Sarah Bernard on theatrical posters, a couple from a Biscuits LeFevre-Utile  „Flirt“ , elegant females from cycles „Seasons“, „Days“, „Precious stones“...

Surprisingly among stunning ladies, flowers and fruits I found a political placard "Russia requires renovation" of 1922 and  even a sign of "YWCA" in Prague.

It was pleasant touch to the vintage and history. Highly recommend to everyone who visits Prague till July 31!  
YWCA in Prague
Russia needs renovation

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