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pondělí 3. prosince 2012

Georgia - trip to Svaneti

Last trip with Petra (Czech). First trip with Madis (Estonia). Three days wandering around Georgia from one end to the other. Eleven hours in marshrutka in Mestia. The return trip was a racier with hitch-hiking from Mestia to Kutaisi. One experience after another, as it is usually in Georgia. But the experiences are priceless, that´s right. And we returned full of new energy. I'm already looking forward to go back there in the spring. Svaneti has amazed us. We went eight-hour trek from Mestia toward the mountain Ushba, which climbers called it "Caucasus Matterhorn". And this mountain aroused strong respect. It was a wonderful trip with wonderful weather. Even at night when we slept in all clothing we had with us. We climbed under the Ushba 3000mnm, we are treading in the snow, was dressed only in a T-shirt and enjoy the beauty and quiet. No one anywhere. The original plan was to find a small lake, but without success. At least Madis built his first snowman, we slipped ass over the hill and ate snow. Along the way we found out how convenient it is when you are able to at least somewhat speak to georgian. Because then marshrutka driver can offer to you for lunch, even when everyone else waiting for you in marshrutka.. And then take up directly in front of hostel. Tomáš and Florian warned us that hitchhiking of Mestia is quite expensive, so we are prepared for it, and Georgian sentence "We have no money, we are volunteers" fortunately helped. In hitchhiking back to Kutaisi Madis found his new talent, probably it will be his future job in Estonia (or maybe in Georgia also). For me cows were the funniest. When I was little, and I ran out, I always had to be home when the street lamps lit. Cows in Mestia it had pretty similar. It was sixth o´clock and all the cows mooing obediently in front of their door, came back of the pasture, and they wanted to go home. Morning they set off again, like usually at ten o'clock..on everything is enough time. Looking back I realize, most of the photos are either Usha or cows. I do not know what fascinated me more :). 

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