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středa 30. ledna 2013

GLT in Slovakia

During the last weekend I had an opportunity to participate at one event named GLT (Group Leadership Training) Whole event was placed at the near village Terchová and we were living at cottage named Small Fatra. Accommodation was quite good even though the lower part of the cottage was really wet and cold, but after whole Saturday outdoor I think everywhere was warmer then outside. There were 23 of us, including people who were preparing food for us.  On Friday leaders introduced us the program and when we had thought we supposed to go to bed they gave us snowshoes and we went for a little walk to the mountains above the village. It was very nice and extraordinary to have such a trip during the night. Because when else you would go running it he field during the night, right? We went back about eleven thirty and fortunately leaders were so kind that they skipped the other program and we were allowed to go to bed. On Saturday as I said before we were outdoor whole day – building igloos. I have built igloo and slept in it before thanks to my experiences from Royal Rangers, where I went during my childhood and then was part of the leading team. But it was really interesting for me to learn how to built igloo correctly, but I would never thought about cutting snow blocks out of the snow and then building an igloo from them. It was really awesome experience, even though Swiss told us the snow is pretty bad for building anything. We interrupted our building twice – for food of course. There was one group in charge of preparing lunch for us. We had cheese fondue and then meet which we boiled in prepared broth + Miloš Myjavec brought us rise from the cottage. As a dessert we had chocolate fondue with fruits. We came to the cottage just to have time to take a shower before dinner. After dinner Janči had a talk about changes. It was very interesting for me, because, to tell you the truth I hate changes. But I am well aware of the fact we all need to know how to deal with them because they just filling our lives. As closure we had a short time of worships and prayers and then Magnificent nine pack their few things and went out to sleep to the igloos. I was not between them, so I will not try to describe how they liked the night, but when I remember how I had slept in the igloo I was really surprised how warm it was inside, at least as warm as to be able to sleep at night. Sunday morning was really tough. We had to wake up one hour earlier to have enough time to go to one mountain called Stoh. We have not made it to the top though, but it was nice trip. Even though just half of us went to the trip and other stayed under the mountain and sledged on the plastic bags. At the end we evaluate the whole weekend, to do all formalities.
To summarize it: I had a great time! Because it is not so usual to spent whole weekend outside with snowshoes on with so many great people and learn new skill can come handy one day.
You can see some photos below:

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  1. Ahoj Alčo, to vypadá jako pěkné dobrodrůžo! príma, že se nenudíš!!!
    Sníh v Tatrách docela závidím, v Pze nic moc. teda spíš nic:)