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čtvrtek 30. května 2013

Kazbeg 5033m (Georgia) – unconquered
It was my georgian dream since I´m here. Reach the top of Kazbeg, biggest mountain in Kazbegi. It means not go just to this beautiful monastery. But still continue up and up and up somewhere in the hell. It was very difficult and because isn´t season yet, snow was everywhere, and more and more. And weather colder and colder. But perfect challenge for me. So bad weather doesnt exist, just bad clothes J. And I was ready for it. Unfortunately not my lungs. On the way to meteo station I needed one more for good breathing. I made five steps and then just stop and tried to breath. Sometimes I could make just two steps and stop. Plus I had heavy bagpack and sank into the snow all the time. Great walk. At one moment I was thinking if I can lie down to the snow and wait for I dont know what. But can you imagine stand up with this damned heavy backpack which was more and more heavier? I had to walk and silently curse which stupid idea I had. This meteo station is in 3700m with amazing view on Kazbeg. We cooked dinner and we were thinking about next day. It was hard for me to say but I had to admit that on the top I cannot go because of my breathing, I felt good just probably I have lungs full of georgian wine or I dont knowJ. I needed one more day for acclimatize but we didn´t have. So, next day I stayed in meteo station and my czech colleague went alone early morning. Anyway I had nice day. In meteo station in the morning stayed just one guide and me. Guide came wake me up if I want tea. So, he prepared for me very nice breakfast. He didn´t know english than we had to talk in georgian or russian. I guess, I have better georgian than russian. We were sunbathing in front of building because was very nice weather. And he had idea if I can teach them (4 guides who work on this basic camp) english, that they will pay me. Actually it was good idea, I liked it. But idea as I have to climb to meteo station again and again, I changed very quickly my opinion. And because I waited all day for my colleague, I had idea to teach this guide while I was there. So at the end I joined pleasure and useful. And it was fun. Then others georgians came and I had the strongest chacha ever. My colleague successfully returned from the top after 11 hours totally exhausted but happy. And I could just jealous. The same day we went back to village. It was more terrible than climb up. Never ending trip when we had to go down. Oh my god! In one day I fell down because of stones three times.

Still it was amazing trip but! 
I have to go back and this mountain conquer.
                                                                                                                        Libuše Z.

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